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Improving OOB best practices of SMAX

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago


OOB flow configurations of SMAX have lack of some basic configurations. Three cases we had are below but I'm sure there are more that others customers had. Of course they are not hard to implement but it would be better to review the flows and OOB configurations for a better user experience and customer satisfaction:

1- If a request is pending for approval, Request is not displayed as read only in the OOB configuration. Because of that technicians can fulfill the request before it is approved and they can fill resolution field, change status. However phase is not changed and therefore they complain about request was not closed or SLA clock not stopped. In SMA-SM, it is an OBB configuration to set records read only, if it is pending for approval.

2- For the service requests, status always remains "Ready" event it is closed in the OOB configuration. The Status field only changes to 'in Progress' etc. for Support Requests. We logged a support case for that and R&D confirmed this behaviour in the OOB configuration.

3- End users can reject resolution of a service/support request without writing any explanation.