Idea ID: 1654985

Imrove layout of fill button list increasing window and font size

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

After redesign in SM when you will click "fill" button to bring a list of linked records, the list will be rendered in window (earlier it used whole tab's space) and if there is a lot of data in columns, it is really hard to review the list to choose a proper record. To be more specific you can try on OOB the following scenario:

login to SM under falcon account, search for interaction SD10002, in "Contact" field clear AARON, JIM keeping only "A" symbol, then click on "Fill Field Contact":

result: the list is rendered in small window, elements are shrinked, contact's text looks smaller compared to text in the form and distance between rows makes it hard to read.

idea: increase default window size on all displays resilutions, increase font to +1 to make it easier to read