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In SMA SM, attachment in RF approval record should work as it happens in SM

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Waiting for Votes
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9 months ago

Currently after release of 2020.08 version(as per Microfocus) it is possible to view attachment in  RF records while approving from SMA SM.

However it does not work in all the scenarios. Suppose when a SD ticket is submitted and user has attached an attachment in the SD then in the resultant RF record   (from SMA SM while approving) the attahcment does not appear.But in there is related attachment section where it fetches all the attahcment from parent SD.

Such functionality is also needed in SMA SM as copying an attachment in db is not an option and customers usually do not have any option ot add attachment in rf in approval phase(ref SD02761952 )

  • Idea 2775594 which was delivered in 2020.08 explained a scenario where a user adds an attachment at the checkout stage of submitting a service catalog request, and for this attachment to then be visible to subsequent approvers.   

    What has been delivered works for "Service" approvals when users are approving the Service Catalog interaction, but if there are approvals at the Request level (approving the linked RF record), these users will not currently see any attachments which were added by the requestor when the request was placed as these are stored against the parent Interaction record.

    What is additionally required is for an RF record approver to see attachments to the parent Interaction and also the RF record attachments that they see today.