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Include Duration and Mean Response Time as options for the SLM Monthly Process Result – sla response

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over 3 years ago

Service Manager


Our customers want to get SLM Monthly Process Result – sla response Reports that include "Mean Response Time" or "Duration" Metrics but that is not an option in the drop down list, please see attached file for better understanding.


 When trying to include some kind of Metric for Response time or Duration of Problem tickets.


 No work arounds.


 That the desired value is not an option in the drop down list when that is a widely used measure.


"Mean Response Time" and "Duration" are included as options to obtain reports by those fields so that it can be shown in the report as a Staple or Curve.


  • Hi Ming-Feng,

    you get it in the drop-down list of the Stack Field but not of the Metrics - see the screen shot in the first post .  I have checked this OOB.

    And the Duration is not listed.  Also not in the Stack Field.




    we checked my SM, there is “Mean Response Time” listed in the drop down list. If in environment, there is no such field, please let them check the datadict settings of slaresponse table.