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Include smart email attachment to SM records instead of in the email itself

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over 3 years ago

When sending email to smartemail with an attachment, the original email with the attachment inside is added to the SM records (e.g. Interactions, etc). To view the attachment users need to first open the email from the SD and then the attachment.

Include Smart Email attachments in SM records instead of in the email itself.

1. Login to SM as Admin.
2. Set up Smart Email to create an SD
3. Send an email with an attachment (could be an img, txt) to create a new SD
4. Once the SD is created, go to the attachment section of the SD record
5. Notice it only contains attached a copy of the email sent and inside the email it is the attachment. This is how it works OOB
6. Customer will like to have the attachment included on the SD record too, for example the img or txt to save them the extra work of having to open the email to see the attachment.

Open the email attached to the ticket to see if there is a file included there. This is not an user friendly option.

Want to give the user the opportunity to see the attachments on their tickets.

The issue affects multiple users and incurs in user frustration due to the fact of having to search for the attachments inside emails attached to their tickets. It takes more time for the users to be able to review the attachments to work on the tickets.

Save time to process incoming request and avoid user frustration. Enhance solution adoption.

This is related to QCCR1E147103


  • We avoid using Smart Email for ticket creation for this exact reason - the Connect-IT solution we previously implemented provides a much more efficient solution by attaching any email attachments directly within the generated ticket - so our service desks can immediately assess if there is anything of value attached.   We currently only use Smart Email for processing email approvals but would be keen to extend this to ticket creation if this idea was progressed...   

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