Idea ID: 1770963

Increase possibilities for customizing in Live support

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

The possibilities for customizing in Live support is very limited.
We have a variety of customers, and for us to be able to meet their different needs, our possibilities for customizing needs to be increased.

I’ll provide you with one example:
When creating a new request in Live support, current user is set as owner automatically. Some of our customers would like this field value to be set manually, but it is not possible for us to do so.



  • We understand the need of narrowing down the idea :)
    As a colleguage of Lene, I have created a new idea with this spesific idea regarding the Owner field here:

    We will create further ideas for spesific functionality we would like to be able to customize in Live Support. 


  • Hi  can you please edit the original description to either limit this one request, and/or to create ideas for the other configurations (not customizatons)? Also, describe "why" for each - are they taking a call from 

    A generic "make it confirguble" makes prioritization difficult as we don't know whether the voter is looking for the specific item you mention or something else. And of course use cases or more specific requirements are needed in order to scope development. 

    Once the description is updated, I can change the Idea status. Thanks!