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Increase the Bulk Operation User Deletion more than 100 users for Account on SMAX 2020.08

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

Hi Team,


Could you please the increase bulk user deletion over 100 users at a time.


For instance, yesterday I've created new account for new tenant, and integrated with LDAP and some users has been synced already. After I used the tenant, I've deleted tenant successfully. Then I've tried to delete account, it didn't allow me to delete it, and showing up "Account ca not be deleted alread users exsit" this kind of message. Then I've tried to delete all users on the account, it didn't allow me as well, and showing "Bulk operation is not allowed more than 100 users".


Than I've deleted the 1700 users manually could you please increase the bulk user deletion size or just allow to delete account with users. This will be more efficient for usage of the system