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Increase Visibility of the Smart Search Icon

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

We wish to expose Knowledge Management to a large base of non-technical users. 

By way of introducing this to our customers and initiating an effort to get our customers to engage in "self solving" of their computer issues, we wish to have a "LARGE", attention getting icon for Smart Search.

The existing small, magnifying icon is far too small and obscure to meet our needs.

We need a way to change this enlarge it, to change it out completely, to add lable to it, to reposition it.

Though it may seem simple, this issue has been identified as a need with high impact and high urgency for our company.  Failure to be able to change this icon will be one more bullet for the people in our company who want to ditch Service Manager in favor of a different product.

We need a response to this soon.  very soon.  By Close of Business Thursday, 9-19-2018


  •  if you need more guidance about how to configure Smart Search, please ask support for help, thank you for the understanding

  • Ming - or anyone else - would you know how to create an icon on the main body of a form that when clicked, will open the same Smart Search dialog that is opened when text is entered into  the existing Smart Search space (magnifying glass) and enter is pressed?


  • Actually  the search button is an font, you can change the font-size and colour of the search button by adding an style to the webtier.css file.

    CSS file

    application path\css\version folder\webtier.css 

    add the style: 

    #cwc_Masthead button.icon-search:before{font-size: 30px;color:red;} 

    to the end of the webtier.css file.

    the font-size and colour can be decided by yourself. 

    Please clear the cache of browser after changing the webtier.css file.