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Industrial import of catalog items though editable files

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over 1 year ago

The idea is to extend the export-import function of catalog items and related objects proposed in one of the next releases.
If I want to deploy my catalog items for the first time, I have to create them by hand, which is long and tedious. Ideally I would like to be able to prepare these catalogs through editable files and import them into my environments once they are ready.
This need is very much linked to the business of my company: outsourcing.
For the implementation of SMAX, I have after rationalization more than 3000 items to cover the catalogs of my various Customers. For the future, it would like to reduce my costs of inboarding a new Customer and to do POCs more easily.
These files could cover:
- The creation of a portal and the different articles arranged in subcategories.
- The creation of articles in the backoffice part (processing/realization flows (they are always limited in number))
- The association of these articles with workflows of realization

If i remember this function is also unvailable on ServiceNow but available with EasyVista



  • Hi  , i have added a small  commentary in the master suggestion about "industrial import ...."  to explain completly what is perhaps missing in the feature proposed. 


  • Hi Marc,

    Thanks for submitting your idea! It looks like this is a duplicate with this one /it_ops_mgt/itsm/i/sma-x-ideas/provide-tool-to-migrate-the-entire-smax-service-catalog-from-one-smax-environment-tenant-to-another. We are closing this idea; please add your comments and vote to the duplicate.

    I know that the existing Idea references moving the entire catalog, but we are also considering partial catalog moves as part of the scope based on the comments.

    Thanks, Steve