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Instant Smart Search Only by Creating a New Record

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Waiting for Votes
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10 months ago

The instant start of smart search is a great feature, but only when a new record is opened by a service desk agent. In second and third level it can result in a performance issue, if the text field that is basis for the search is changed and the smart search starts again.

So an option is needed, that the instant search is only started once per record or only in a specific phase/status of a record.


  • In fact the performance is really poor in case a search is submitted with complete phrases / reasonable number of search terms.

    This should not be and must be optimized. I know solutions out there that are able to handle such searches with much better performance.

    In fact Smart Search should not only assist users when creating records but also users working on existing records (e.g. Incidents) - this is just NOT WORKING!

    I read once somehwere that IDOL is considered to be a market leading technology in Big Data. My impression is a different one. The performance of Smart Search / Global search is mostly rather poor.