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Integration of an external ChatBot into the SMA-SM IT portal

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

We would like to offer users of our SMA-SM portal the possibility to use a ChatBot that is already implemented in different business applications and that is external to the SMA-SM solution.
This functionality would be configurable from the portal's graphical administration interface and should allow either the product's ChatBot or a market ChatBot to be implemented. In the second case, the administrator should be able to add and configure the elements allowing the operation of the external ChatBot.
The end user connecting to the service portal should notice the presence of a ChatBot on the home page and should be able to use it without con.
Currently, to get around this point, we have added a main category on which we have added an image reminiscent of the company's ChatBot and pasted the corresponding URL of type "http://www" because we can't add an internal URL (without the string "www.").
This category results in a tile on the home page that allows our users to use our ChatBot.
Our current solution is not satisfactory since the fact that our users have to click on a tile representing our ChatBot, the action opens it in a new browser tab and thus, gives our users the impression that they are leaving our portal.
It is therefore proposed to allow the integration of an external ChatBot in order to make the portal more attractive for end users but also easier to manage for administrators.
This integration would also allow immediate maintenance and administration of this ChatBot because it is a product already in use in the company.