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itom my tasks with link to source tool

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over 1 year ago

SMAX can be used together with OMi for Event to Incident Management. An OMI event opens an incident in SMAX and adds a link to the incident, that points to the event in OMi.

Idea is to have this 'tasked based on' feature in OMI and other ITOM products


If the incident is a critical one the incident will fast forwarded to the L3 or L4. SME working as L3 or L4 typically work in OMi (OpsBridge). To prevent the swivel of tools it would be helpful if the incident appears in their task list with a link (as it does is SMAX vice versa).

Same could be done for SME in the role of Configuration Manager (with UCMDB) and SME that support HCM deployment, too. 

We can create an OO flow that does the work for all tools, but the idea is to come up with a cross-portfolio solution.

Each of the products already has a 'My Tasks' section, so it should be easy to create this 'task with a link' .