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KM search should be automatically activated when user is submitting a request

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago


So, when i end-user is creating a request on the portal, and before submiting the request, KM search should show the possible results for his request before submiting.





  • Some more details on this idea:

    The idea is to have the search built in on the submission process.

    Example: User goes to the portal and opens a new support request, he fills the form and when he clicks on submit, SMAX will show the Article search for the description of the request. Then the user can navigate through the articles, and he can say that one of the articles solved his problem, and does not create the request, or he says that no article solve it, and creates the request.

  • Thank you for sharing your idea! It’s open for comments and kudos, and we’re looking forward to input from the community. Once there is enough community traction, it will be further reviewed by the product team.