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KM Smart search result in compact mode

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over 2 years ago

Our call center users asked us if it would be possible to add an option to the contextual search result that would enable a "compact" mode for the result, that would only show up the first row (number - title). That would make more results visible at the same time, thus enabling the agent to select the appropriate record faster.

I have included a visual of what we would like vs the OOB view.



  • Hello,

    This does not fullfill the requirement unfortunately. This is the workaround that we looked into, but since this is a global parameters, we cannot do that without impacting other module that also use the smart search. Exemple, in incident module, we need the description to show up completely to allow technician to match result.


  • Hi ilotqc,

    there is a configuration, "Maximum number of characters displayed in a context-aware search result", in the "customize smart search settings", you can find it by clicking Smart Analytics > Smart Search > More > Tailoring,

    when you give it a small number, say 2, you will get the results close to what you wanted. enclosing below is the screenshots. but we don't have the capability to remove the result completely now.