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Letting users to use both LDAP and SAML authentication for SMAX

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago



For those who are familiar with Service Manager know that a user can authenticate either with SAML or LDAP depending on the URL they use. However, in SMAX for you have to choose one of the for a particular but people may connect to SMAX from inside the company or through internet. If they connect through internet and SAML login type is selected, they might not be able to login because ADFS redirection might not work. 


  • Hello,

    The issue here is not ADFS itself. ADFS might be up and running but people accessing to the system through internet or an external network might not have access to ADFS server because of security reasons. On the other hand it does not make sense to me to enforce user's to one authentication method only. A user should be able to login either through LDAP or SAML depending on the URL entered. Regardless of the authentication type (LDAP or SAML), user is authenticated by the same system.

  • Hi - assuming you are suggesting reverting to LDAP in the event that SAML doesn’t work, doesn't that assume an issue on ADFS ? We have reviewed this idea and determined that it isn’t a fit on our technical roadmap within a reasonable timeframe] .