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Link to attachments in Comments Tab, Attachment Buttom & Inline viewer

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7 months ago

The 'Comments' tab needs a good overhaul in terms of GUI and usability features.

This idea is to enable three features:

a. Have a link or links to the attachments sent by end users in the relevent comment. We note existing attachments are already marked as links under the attachments tab and I don't think it should be all that hard to append the link(s) to the comment:


This feature will largely enhance the Agent performance and usability especially when there are several attachments over the lifecycle of the ticket

b. We strongly feel the Attachment button should be a permanent option on top of the ticket just like you have Save, Save & Close

c. Open attachments inline instead of downloading to view them. Understand we present a risk to open attachments without scanning but an embedded document viewer should be available with the option to download the attachment if needed. Having attachments stored on Agent systems is a security risk in itself!

The existing method of attachments is not workig for the following reasons:

a. Support Agents completely miss the Attachment section as there is no real indicator that an attachment was added (except the attachment count increase)

b. Attachment tab requires them to click on 'General' -> Scroll down to 'Attachment' section and try and figure out which attachment was sent for the relevant comments back from the user (usually when there is a lot of back and forth with user)