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"List All" button in Report Dashboard and Report view displays incorrect fields

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over 1 year ago

When the user clicks the "List All" button in a Report in a Dashboard or in the Report it takes the user to the default search result page without the fields set in the report. Also exporting with "List All" exports with the fields in the default search result page.

It would be very interesting to expedite the consultation of reports, by clicking on button "List All"  be shown all the fields of report and not fields from form.g.

I think should be easy to implement this change.



  • I have done some investigation on this and support Filipe.

    His users are looking at a Report with specific columns and sort order. When they click on List All, SM takes his users out of the Reporting Module to the Incident module which display different columns and different sort order.

    It would be less confusing for users if the List All stays within the Reporting Module and allow scrolling to show the rest of the data using report columns and sort order.