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Live Support - Limit ability to mark request as Complete that still has outstanding tasks

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over 1 year ago

Currently in our set up, we have Service Request offerings built with associated Tasks in the Task Plan. 

One issue that we're running into is the Live Support form does not show associated tasks, and Requests that have open tasks can still be marked as "completed" via Live Support.

When a request with active tasks is marked as completed via Live Support, the life cycle of the request does not change, the tasks stay active, and the end user does not get a solution. This can potentially lead to confusion for the agent, and uncompleted requests which ultimately leads to frustrated end users. 

Current task support fields:


As well as adding in the Task details into the Live support form, it would be extremely beneficial to grey out the 'Completed' status, and the Solution and Completion Code fields until all tasks are completed.