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Log over logins

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Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

One of our new customer has as one of their demands that a log of login attempts, both successfull and unsuccesfull are logged with user names and date/time. And it has to be logged wether it is a DB, LDAP or Federated users.

We are quite sure that this is the first in a number of customers (both new and excisting) that will demand this in the near future.

Harald Bjørnstad


  • We quite often meet requirements to log user activities, not only successful or failed logins but also what actions they did on objects.


  • We would also like to report for how long the user has been logged in, and which licens pool in SMAX they belong to. 
    This will give us a better understanding of the pattern of activity per user, and who should have named and concurrent license.

  • Thanks for all the votes and comments. We are looking into this as a future product enhancement. Check the notifications box to be emailed if the status changes.

  • Keeping a log of logins is indeed important for audit purposes and also to report on application usage. Helps to measure success of the implementation, with drill down to various user attributes.

  • Also requested by my customer. Additionally, SMAX should somewhere store and allow access to rather common data like:

    • last login time
    • number of failed logins since last successful login (and this should be displayed to a user after login if it is > 0)

    This should be available in addition to an audit log of logins / login attempts.