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log switching function

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

customer wants add a log swithching function if the log is run to maxsize, it can be auto save in a other file, now SM has the feature Numberoflogfiles to control, but customer wants to add a function that can auto move these logs to another place and keep save new logs. 



  • CDF keeps different kind of log files.

    For my understanding, docker logs are already configured to use logrotation.

    Others are not - so if a system runs for a few month, you will see logs that are multiple months old, and NFS storage decreasing.

    As linux already knows simple utilities like logrotate fixing could possibly be as simple as adding another step to installation procedure.

  • We are considering adding a log management function for containerized Suite that would indeed include some type of data retention policy (time/size) algon side streaming such log data out for management, aggregation, search, ...