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make history tracking in SMAX more "revisions proof" to support customers from regulated industries

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago


especially customers from regulated industries (chemical, financial,...) want to have a "full history" that can be exportet -or printed to PDF-. It is a legal requirement and the rules are not specified in more detail. But to achieve them (based on customer feedback), it is required to:

  • No use of IDs in the export of history
  • Display the values, not the ID s in the history (while displayed in SMAX)
  • If e.g. a new message is sent from a ticket (example: agent to agent) you can read "Comments was set to new content" in the history. It is meaningless to an auditor (!) that received an export

They way the Service Manager "Activity Records" used to look had some benefits there (while it also didn't capture every change, but it was configurable and didn't use IDs instead of labels)

This is a mandatory requirement in several industries, at least in the European Union and can cost us deals.

Again, in short:

  • History should be complete
  • History should be readable (no use of only IDs), also as exported document
  • History needs to be stored revision proof -> export as PDF. 
  • needed for single records (Export / report) - Example is the documentation of a critical change of a banking application - including relevant, related information (communication, related tickets or CIs)
  • For lists...