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Make SmartEmail knowledge suggestions in email reply more configurable

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Today when an end user send an email to SmartEmail, he get a reply with suggestions from all knowlegde libraries that we have added in Service Manager. The problem is that for the end user, all knowledge libraries are not interesting, some of the libraries are even confusing to the end user.

Suggestion: Please add an option to configure which of the knowledge libraries that are used for knowlegde article suggestions to the end user.

1.) In the Smart Email configuration settings: add a drop down called "Smart Email KM library" from where you can select which KM library you want SmartEmail to use when sending KM document suggestions to the end user. If the drop list is not populated, all KM libraries are used (as it works today)

2.) When the Self Service Access Only checkbox in the operator record is checked you could publish a separate knowlegde library to those users.