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Make the field for login validation configurable

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

Currently the validation for the user is done on the "Name" field of the operator table.
For our SAML integration we need to change from our current way of naming operators to using the e-mail address.
To make it possible at the moment is to change the "Name" field. This has as side effect that we need to change OOB and Customizations to make it all work.
We therefor request a easy way to make the field the validation is done against possible.

Currently this request should already be known


Currently we have a naming convention. Because of a change to one AD the method currently used for naming operators isn't possible.
We need to change from our naming convention to the e-mail adres. This to be future proof.


Know workaround for this issue is in place


A lot of things need to be changed to make SSO work after implementing OneAD. More than should be needed. This will take weeks which we don't have.

Instead of hardcoded RTE please change to a setting in the Company (systeminfo) record.