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Mandatory comment before closing request in portal

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over 3 years ago

In some offerings, we want to make it mandatory for the end user to add a comment before accepting a solution, not only when rejecting.

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    It is for audit. Some times we need more confirmation than pressing Accept.
    One scenario is where the service request offering gives a new user access to a system. The offering has automated tasks giving access via OO, but the requester has to perform some manual steps afterwards. For audit reasons we need the user to confirm his manual task in words, not only press Accept. There are several scenarios where a mandatory comment is very usefull.

  •  Hi  (or those that voted) - can you please share the use cases behind this request? Is it an audit or compliance, or is there certain information to capture or other???? What kinds of requests require the user to accept they are receiving what they requested? 

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