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Manipulate the right navigation pane for Service Portal

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

Manipulate the right navigation pane for Service Portal

User Story: As an end user, I want to open the external chat bot so that I can use it

User Role: end users, portal users

Requirement: to be able to open an external chat bot (or hyper link) from the right navigation pane

Benefit: to quickly launch the external bot inside the portal

Value: Less time spent while trying to find the chat bot icon on desktop.

Detailed Description: In main portal page also in the read articles page, end users’ needs to have a link (to open an external chat bot)  on the right navigation pane where there is “activate mobile app”. The solution can be to be able to add links to there 


  • Regarding the chat option, some of our customers want the chat to be mobile in the web page, also, to have the chat windows always visible, and to access the chat window from a URL, in that scenario, a corporate portal could have a link where end users click and it shows a new chat window.