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Map ENUMS to their Display Values in BI View/SQL Reports

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Our Global Customer is using BI View reports on Requests which are sent directly to users. The ENUM values in these reports are hard to understand because there is no display value.

Currently there is no way to know what the ENUM display values are from within a reporting tool, and hence only the internal code is visible.

I appreciate that we can delete the "_c" from the value, but that doesn't help split the single words into legible multiple words. There is no copy of the ENUMs in a related table format.

Asking every customer to create their own mapping table seems wrong, especially when you take into account that these could be volatile ENUM lists from User Options created by power users. Either the translation* should be done by the system and the display list value visible in the BI Views, or a translation table should be available in EMS BI Views.



(*) P.S. AFAIK you can only see US-English in the BI Views reports at present, so the corresponding display label should match this language.