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Marking of knowledge articles as favourites and access to favourite list - cross record

Status : Already Offered
Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

We would like the possibility for agents to mark the knowledge articles they use the most as a favourite, and for these articles to appear in a list of favourties which is accessable from different records in the agent interface. Request, Knowledge, Change, Incident an so on.

Our clients have both external and internal articles, and isn't just using them for request resolution. Knowledge articles for internal use can deal with different topics related to different processes and actions, even internal routines for different processes. A cross record access to a favourite list will make it easier for the agents to find the articles they use the most regardless of where in SMAX they are working at the time they need it, and it will potentially contribute to increase their efficiency.

  • Hi   Agents can mark articles as favorites in Live Support, to then use during request resolution. If this doesn't meet the need, plesae describe (by updating the original text) to better describe the use cases - what is the agent trying to do, where do they need to access the favorties and why, etc. After that I'll reopen the idea for voting. Thanks!

  • You have my vote. I have been keeping my favourites KMs in my browser favourites for years.