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Missing and incomplete SM webservices

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over 2 years ago

There are a couple of files that don't have an out-of-the-box webservice (extaccess) defined in Service Manager. Also, a couple of them do exist but are missing essential allowed actions. Now we end up having to do this work for almost every customer we get to. Certain operations are always needed when implementing on enterprise level scale and are normally loaded from outside Service Manager such as operators, assignment groups, subscriptions and catalogue related data such as models, categories etc.

Completely missing extaccess records, where Create, Update and Delete allowed actions are necessary:
- prodCatalogCategory
- productCatalog
- Template
- myGroups

Partially missing functionality (allowed actions):
- requestTask (missing: Create)
- Subscription (missing: Create and Update)
- assignment (missing: Create, Update and Delete)

Steps to reproduce (with one example):
1) go to the extaccess table
2) in the Name field, enter 'Subscription'
3) press Search
4) Open SXSubscription record
5) In the Allowed Actions tab, note that only 'Delete' is defined. Create and Update are missing

Steps to fix:
- In the case of Subscriptions, I think it's best to create a new extaccess record called 'Subscription'. I do not know what 'SX' stands for in 'SXSubscription', but it might be used by something else. Also, I think webservices names should be the same as the file name
- For requestTask and assignment, simply add the missing allowed actions to the existing extaccess records
- For myGroups, Template, productCatalog and prodCatalogCategory add new extaccess records with the same names, and allow the Create, Update and Delete actions for these new records

  • for template we tried creating new extaccess but that is not helpful for mass upload. as table has different fields therefore it is not possible at this moment in adding in extaccess except some standard fields

    if this mass upload option being added in template then it would be very helpful