Idea ID: 1678129

More flexibility for survey module

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Currently the survey module is not very flexible. It would be much better to be able to specify different formats for different modules or add additional questions.


  • This feature is delivered in SM9.63 covering both SM and SRC, we did below enhancements in SM9.63 for Survey:

    • Previously, the system automatically appends the Do you want to register an interaction? question to a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Now the system provides Do you want to register an interaction? as an optional question by default and you can link this question to your survey template if appropriate.
    • Now you can add some introductory texts to a survey in the Service Manager survey template. These texts will be displayed on top of the questions list when you access the survey.
  • Thank you SMA team. I could see this feature in the Release Webinar and this is exactly what our customers needed.

  • Great news, this idea has been accepted on our product roadmap. Subscribe to receive updates. (This is not a formal commitment, and subject to change)

  • Thank for following this case. First, in the survey we thank the user for giving us his/her opinion. Second, we indicate how to answer, what means the greatest and lowest value. Also, we say the data will be used according to regulation. We are using the SMA-SM 2018.11 version.