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More flexible on the web sizing configuration

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over 2 years ago

Hello All,

In the current version of SM, there is a branding function for web client to define the theme the web layout, can we have much more options flexiable to configure the web client layout sizing?

e.g. the space size between each label box or text box on the format, you can edit the form in the win client, make the space size smaller as you can, but it looks bigger in the web client. Similliar to the size control of your browser but want this to be able to set in SM.


Thank you very much




  •  , thank you very much for reply, our customer is looking at the ticket form sizing and the genernal service manager web page resolution sizing, for example, as you know the form of the tickets in SM can be edited in Service Manager windows client, normally you can have one label stick to the text box, e.g. ths space in between looks slightly bigger on web than on win client, are we able to adjust that? 

    Also the original screen resolution of the web page is too big comparing with the windows client. At the moment, we are telling the customer to adjust the browser resolution from 100% to 75% and that looks better, but they have hundreds of end users who are using the system from  web and they are using their VDI deployed browser, it will be really good if we can adjust the web form sizing in the web client for them.


  •   could you please provide more detailed sample? As you may know that the space of form defined in apps can be edit, so we are not sure which part you are talking about