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Multiple htmltemplates in notify function

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over 1 year ago

In most Service Manager ticket modules there is the option 'More -> Notify'. This option will give you a screen with one predefined htmltemplate that allows you to send an e-mail.

The notify option is currently available in the following modules:
- interactions
- incidents
- changes
- change tasks
- requests
- request tasks

The notify option is currently missing in the following modules:
- problems
- problem tasks
- incident tasks

My enhancement request has three parts:
1) Make it available for all modules where it is currently missing
2) And this is the most important one: I would like functionality that allows me to define multipe htmltemplates that can be used. This should result in that an operator can open the notify menu and gets a choice of which template he wants to use. Right now it's limited to one hardcoded template, which by the way is complicated to configure.
3) In the htmltemplate module, add a tickbox that allows a template to be used in the notify option

Rationale for the request is that we have many different types of groups (for enterprise for instance multiple helpdesks) and many of these groups want to use different htmltemplates when they notify a contact from a ticket. Also, one assignment group may have different reasons to notify a user, resulting in different htmltemplates to choose from.