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Multiple OPB agents on same host/machine

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10 months ago

For better utilization of  host machine resources(VM), OPB should be designed to allow multiple installations on same host. Current product does not allow that(directory structure, config file paths etc).

This will allow to have single machine resource to use for a multiple tenants agents etc.


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  • Just to elaborate I have tested the multi-agent deployment on a single node and with simple changes it is doable on linux and windows nodes.

    What we are looking for:

    1. Allowance of multiple agents install using installers.(currently we can do it by changing config files and manually adding additional agents after copying the install folders).
    2. Easier way to switch tenants in the server-connection files using utils scripts(example change credentials etc)
  • Yep, kind of duplicate but my intention was to have

    - supported version of multi agent setup

    Currently only way to do it is by tinkering that is not supported
  • Hi Misaq,


    We can easily achieve this by installing in different directory , providing different service name and different port . But would be great if it comes officially and also with a revised sizing .

    Also i think this idea is a duplicate of ( which you have already commented .