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Multiple subscriptions on an actual service visible to End Users

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

SMAX allows End Users to have multiple subscriptions realized by the same actual service.
However, in the portal only one subscription is shown to End Users.
All subscriptions are visible to agents, using SACM.
End Users should be able to view all their subscriptions too.
End Users must be able to view their multiple subsciptions on the same (generic) actual service, the related requests, and their personal uri (sourced by the fulfillment). Otherwise End Users won't be able to manage these type of subscriptions.

End Users need subscriptions on different functional emailboxes.
Those functional emailboxes have a different lifecycle, hence separate subscriptions are needed.
In general, we need this for personal uri's delivered by third parties. Like mobile phone numbers (not the phone, nor the SIM, just the ability to use the phone number on the third parties infrastructure).
SMAX shows non-expected behaviour in allowing multiple subscriptions, but just showing one to End Users.




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