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myHome Web Page should be available at first login without error 400

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

i did the following tests:

1.- try to access to https://<EXTERNAL_ACCESS_HOST>/myhome or https://<EXTERNAL_ACCESS_HOST>/  without previous login (at backoffice by idm) --> Error 400. I have noticed that the web browser was trying to load "myHome" page before displaying the error. On our PS delivery Team Environment, this page loads the IDM without problems even trying to access to https://<EXTERNAL_ACCESS_HOST>/. (images 1 and 2)

2.- try to access to https://<EXTERNAL_ACCESS_HOST>/myhome?TENANTID=xxxxxxxxx previous login (at backoffice by idm) --> Success, IDM has been dislayed and o could see myHome web page. (images 3 to 6)

3.- Login at BackOfiice and open new tab to https://<EXTERNAL_ACCESS_HOST>/myhome --> Success (images 7 to 9)


The  end-users usually use the https://<EXTERNAL_ACCESS_HOST> (it's rarely that know the tenantid) for accessing to the ITSMA. It should be display/redirect to the myHome without problems in order to display the available tenants.