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Need improvement in HPSM ESS OOB portal

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over 2 years ago

Hi Team,

IN HPSM 9.52 we created a subcategory where we have around 50 Items as per the requirement. After implementation of it, our clients suggest a easier process to find those 50 Item if we include a dropdown under this respective Subcategory, because its really taking time to select a particular Item by using 'More Results' option.

We contacted with you guys and raise a case and came to knw about this Idea Exchange portal. Kinldy check and do the needful as fast as you can.

Thanks in advance!

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Argha Adhikary




  •  : In our environment, due to the high counts of subcategories and Items, we cant give the same solve workaround to our clients. I understand your comments. I am giving you the complete picture so that you can understand the requirement , as a example -

    1 category name like - A,

    1 subcategory name linke - B,

    50 Items name linke - B1,B2,B3,B4,B5 and so on upto B50.

    In HPSM ESS portal under 'Search' option we can only choose the Category name from drop-down and after search we can easyly found every respective subcategories and items. But the problem is that here in the same category we are having 145 search result as of now. therefore i would like to request to introcude a new dropdown field for subcategories and items so that any user can able to check the respective option from drop-down easyly. 

  •   As an admin, you can define the service catalog category as the Top Level or a Subcategory of other categories. In the ESS portal, we supported to search service catalog items by categories and key words.  The Category dropdown list is not only display Top level (parent) categories but also all subcategories. 

    If you have more than 50 items with the same subcategory, you can select the subcategoy in the Category dropdown list  and the keywords of items you would like to search, the results will be more accurate.

    If we mistake your understanding, please upload some pictures as the attachment when you replied.

  •  : As per the requirement we created around 1 category, 1 subcategory and 50 Items in HPSM 9.52. Here as per the customer expectation if the requester is not aware of the names/details of 50 Items then it will take too much time to search/check/visit the 50 Items. Therefore, they told us if there is any possiblility to search those 50 Items as a dropdown after providing the Subcatory name. IN HPSM ESS portal as of now we can search through Category not based on the Subcategory. hence, i would like to request you guys to check that if there is any possibility to introduce a dropdown option to check the particular Items based on the respective Subcategory. If still you want to need more details from my end, then plaese let me know and also ive me a space where i can attach a srceenshot so that it will be a more impactful to undersatnd the actual requirement.


     Please let me know the URL link, so that i can publish my comments over there. I got this link through microfocus member to publish.

  •  could you please more details around your expectation on the dropdown?

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