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Need mail pre-processings before creating a new ticket via smartemail

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over 1 year ago

We got a customer who has heavy dependence on smartemail, which is that portal users seldom logon on Service portal , they prefer to file tickets throuh smartemail rather than service catalog. The use cases is that:

they used to put smartemail address on receipent, while copying to agents and other business users, then they will reply the email, and there are  a lot of rounds reply/forward on the thread. in this case, SMAX will create a lot of tickets with exactly same subject, which actually is talking about one story, it's unacceptable for the customer.

It's difficult to suggest that "Reply/copy to Smartemail mailbox is not allowed", so it's necessary that we can do some pre-processings before creating new tickets, we need to support below features:

1. add pre-processings for coming mail, to filter reply/foward mails , like mails starting with "Re:/forwatd/reply:" etc. we should support the definition for filter string

2. better to have regular Expression feature to consolidate some reply/updates as comments to the same ticket rather than creating new ones