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New admin roles

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

We need possibilities to have an admin role which is not a tenant admin. A common use case is that a local administrator needs to view and edit person records, and list items, which belong to their data domain.

We need a role for integration users so they don’t need to be tenant admins. The OOB integration role doesn’t work for integrations users, today they have to be tenant admin and that’s a security issue.


  • Hello,

    Here we need to delegate Studio customizations for some entities. Is it possible to create a role to do it?


  • Totally agree, I don't think it is a tenant admins job to do all the configuration of intents, etc for the Smart virtual agent. This would be more in line with Knowledge and offering admin roles. Voted!

  • There is an option in the user roles called: “Access to application administration modules”

    Access to application administration modules
    Permission to view administrative areas.


    However, it actually provides access only to Studio, Lists and Application Settings.

    The rest - Virtual Agent Settings, Smart Analytics Settings, Routing Definitions - are visible when this option is checked, but they are inaccessible - producing an error.

    I'd suggest  at least not displaying at all these 3 menus since they are not accessible. And enhance the online doc to mention which Administrative areas would be available when checking the above mentioned option (Studio, Lists and Application Settings only).

  • Another use case is the configuration of Max (Smart virtual agent) and the possibility to be able to set up and Intents without the need to be a Tenant Admin.

  • It would be good to have admin role that doesn't have access to amend Application Settings page - we find many users are amending settings without knowledge.