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New Idea: Ability to add custom attributes to SMA End user portal

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

New Idea: Ability to add custom attributes to SMA End user portal.

Reason: All my customers are using custom attributes in the end user portal. come of them request conditional attributes in the end user portal for incidents.

It is big issue for them if the end user portal doesn’t support it.


Our customers always request to customize everything. Ability to customize almost anything was the biggest competitive advantage to select Service Manager.




  • We support request details form customization in 2019.05 release. As long as the field is available in SM interaction table, the field can be added to the request details form on Service Portal.

  • Great news, this idea has been accepted on our product roadmap, timing TBD. Check back for updates. (This is not a formal commitment, and subject to change)

  • This customization is a must as i am working on implementing SMA-SM and the customer need some basic customization in the details form and in the creation form however the solution is totally not customizable which put us as an implementation team in a very critical situation and already some customers try to avoid service portal due to it customization limitation this is very urgent and top feature need to be included 

  •  could you please help clarify which forms you need customization capabity? the requirement you mentioned are too high level, and we need more detailed customer use case to help us identify the right place for customization support