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New Languages: Basque and Catalonian on SMAX by OOTB

Status : Already Offered
over 2 years ago

Hi All,

Use Case:

All  Catalonian and Basque Country public administrations in Spain require/demand his own language for implementing tools like SMAX.


Add Basque and Catalonian as OOTB Language in SMAX.


  • Hi ,

     and me have submitted the requirement to L10N platform by Email.

    in my case, the email has been sent on July, 2018  for both platforms: SMAX and SMA-H. I don't know when Fran did it.

    Best Regards,

    Alejandro Mata

  • Thanks for submitting this idea! IThe requirement for new languages is met through the Open Localization capability. See here for additional information.  You may be able to edit to address the few differences between the regions. 

  • Indeed. Both languages from Basque Country (Basque, a.k.a. Euskera) and Catalonian (a.k.a. Català) are official languages in their territories, so, it's MANDATORY to provide this languages in case of trying to sell this SW to those regional governments.

    It's not possible to sell this sw right now in those areas because of that.