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New style reports (charts) improvement: Display the total of the data values in the legend

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Already Offered
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over 3 years ago

IDEA: When a report (old style or new style) is displayed in the new style way (i.e. using the navigator/Dashboard feature for example), the legend does NOT show the total of all data values. This was previously done in the old style way display. It is a regression if we compare it to that.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: The total of all data values is, itself, an important information.

HOW DO I SEE THIS BEING IMPLEMENTED: In a configurable way: we could enable/disable this behaviour.



(Other tags: dashboard, chart, column.)

  • Thanks for the information.

  • We've addressed this issue in SM9.63 which was released early this year, in 9.63 you can now display the count labels for data items if  you check Show Data Labels for the Chart type of reports. When you export this report, the count labels are exported as well. This check box is only available for some types of Chart, including horizontal bar, vertical bar, stacked horizontal bar, and stacked vertical bar.

    This feature includes changes in Service Manager applications and web client. To work with these features, you need to use either of the following:

    1) Upgrade/Install Service Manager 9.63 applications and Service Manager 9.63 web tier
    2 ) Apply the QCCR1E152652_SM963_SM950.unl unload file (without upgrading to Service Manager 9.63 applications) and Service Manager 9.63 web tier