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No Option to view the approval Status & pending with whom details.

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In the end user portal users are not able to see the approval status and pending with whom


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  • We also have customers who have requested this! We solved it by adding business rules which adds a status update in the comments saying something along the lines of "Your request is pending the approval of your manager". 

    However, the customer would like some more detailed information, such as the name of the approvers as well as who the approval is pending on at the moment.  



    The solution using business rules has been tested in our environment, however the o/p is not friendly to users.

    Its a RIch_Text field which lists all the approvers and their status, and in case where we have 4 different approval tasks configured with groups (with 3 members each) the o/p shows 12 lines with status as approved , pending or cancelled. This creates a lot of confusion.


    It would be beneficial if either the name of approvers or title of approval task is available on the end user interface for easy tracking of request



    Tarun Kumra

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  • Hello,

    It is possible to add this information using a custom field and a couple of business rules.

    Please check the related discussion:

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