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Number of record count not showing in the Mobility view # SD02454270

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Dear MF Team:

As per our customer requirement, total number of CR records should be visible/show in the mobility view .

When they log on to Mobile - there is a list of CRs pendign for their approval but they were not able to recognize how many are the total in count.

Use Case:

CRs are getting approved by General Managers and VP.
For senior management when they are looking in their login they couldn't find the total count of CR's.
Example: GM of NOC has 20-30 CR's in his queue for his approval and its very tedious task for him to navigate the CR's one by one to get to know the count.

Mobility version is not appreciated by Customer since they were not able to know how many CR's are lying in their queue for approval.

Kindly track this requirement and do let us know your feedback.

Support case ID for this Idea is SD02454270 and we raised this on 23rd April 2019.

Note: Customer Experience is getting impacted - as Customer is not happy with the mobile view what they were getting currently.