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Offerings - User options - Selecting Data from OOTB/Ad-Hoc SMAX Tables

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over 2 years ago

Hi all,

We are transforming a SM Environment into SMAX and the customer's feedback is too bad about User Options functionalities are very limited on SMAX. (Loss of functionanity)

He is asking to use user options to display values from ootb and/or ad-hoc tables on SMAX by default. SM can retrieve data from ootb/ad-hoc tables from user options, and the unique way to that it on SMAX is using ad-hoc fields on Request Table (limitation for 12 entity_type fields and setting business rules in order to show/hide the ad-hoc fields for some offerings).

The workaround about creating new fields (entity_types) is very limited solution (12 for requests - offerings in total) when the visibility of the new field depends on other user option becuase the new field will be displayed above of all user options. Besides, This workaround cannot be applied when the number or candidate values to be displayed is higher than 250 values or the data retrieved must be filtered by certain conditions

the requirement is simple:

SMAX must implement the possibility to create user options in order to retrieve data from other smax tables and filtering the results if it applies.