Idea ID: 1650996

Omit the Operator name from the title of a pdf report export

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago
  • Brief Description

    •      The customer woudl like the ability to remove the operator name from an automaitclaly generated report .
  • Benefits / Value
    •      Additional privacy

  • Design details

    •      Right now the automated report is beings sent out with title :  opera.name_report_23414.pdf
      They would like it to be just report_23414.pdf

      Currently it is possible to use the sm -emailout -clean parameter to send a template which doesnt conatin the operator name , however this doesn`t affect the report that is being attached to the said template .

      ( - stantds for the names of the operator that the report was sent out . For instance Change.Administrator )report.jpg