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On behalf request improvement

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over 3 years ago

On the self service portal I can create a request on behalf somebody but I cannot see the list of the request I created for this person. Even if I do not exit the "on behalf mode", the request list is relative to the "Requested for" data.

Could you add a tab in the list of request to see the request I created, so based on "Requested by" ? after the submission, we need to follow the status of the request created for somebody.

It could be also interesting to add a filter on the Requests list : by date, by type, by title, by status, by "requested for".

  • Hi. Wanted to do a quick update on this. 

    The problem that Isabelle is describing is actually just one of the issues with request on behalf trough SMA-SM.

    Part 1: If you register a ticket in Request on hehalf mode you will not be able to see tickets that you have requested for others.

    Part 2: The more severe problem with this is that any person that has Request on behalf capabilities are able to create ticket without Service Manager ever knowing who actually registered it. After discussions with several of our customers this comes across as a fraudalent way to register tickets. There are absolutely no trace of who actually registered that ticket in SM. You may have several hundred people being able to request on hehalf, but you will never know who actually registered it. It will in several cases break customers security regulations, and borders to breaking GDPR regulations.


    Suggested implementation of this idea.

    In SMA-SM there will be created one more tab where you can see tickets that you've created for others.
    When you are in Request on behalf mode, tickets you submit for another person will contain your user ID in ex in the incidents (interaction) table.

    The tab in SMA-SM will query on interactions where your user ID is in


     and  please consider this idea as it now has 27 votes and the function is breaking several customers regulations.

  • Just a quick update on this Idea.  We are still considering this enhancement for a future release of SMA-SM

  • this idea has been accepted on our product roadmap, timing TBD. Subscribe to receive updates. (This is not a formal commitment, and subject to change)
  • this idea was relative for both Service portal and SMA-X

  •   can you please confirm this  Service Portal idea is when SM is the backend (vs. SMAX). 

    SMAX does show the list of requests you submitted on behalf of someone. (Though you have to drill into the request)