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OOB german templates are not apt, please update them.

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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8 months ago

Content of German notifications are not apt in the OOTB releases , we have modified the content and would like you to implement the same in the upcoming release so that our content would not get modified back to the wrong content

Steps to reproduce:
1. login to SMAX agent interface.
2. Go to administration > studio > incident/ request/ task.
3. Go to notification tab.
4. Select any notification and check the German template.

Suggestions :
Our process owners have worked with the german clients and they agreed with the attached templates (excel sheet attached) rather than the one available in the OOTB platforms.
We would recommend you to kindly change the german templates as per the excel sheet attached.


  • The current templates seems to be just a google translated version of the English template.

    For example , in German , they never use name after Guten Tag , but in OOTB we can see that the name is present after Guten Tag .

    This is just one of the issues we observed in these templates.

    Our process owners have worked with the German clients and they agreed with the attached templates. 

  • What do you want improved with the current OOB notification templates?