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Option to ensure approvals being approved

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

If you on an approval task in SMAX set “one must approve”, the approval will be automatically approved if the approval is sent to an empty group. This is a security risk for automated offerings.

Example: an offering is giving requester access rights in a system automatically. A group of people are system owners and is in a group of approves. If the group is empty by accident, if all members has left the company, end users requesting access will automatically receive the access without any approval.

We would like an option in the approval task plan to avoid automatic approval for offerings where approval is very important.


  • This behaviour also happens when there is an approval for the user's manager and if the Person record does not have a manager, the approval is accepted. As mention  , this is a security risk and the approval should be stopped in a State like 'Pending' or being discarded.

  • Thank you for sharing your idea! It’s open for comments and kudos, and we’re looking forward to input from the community. Once there is enough community traction, it will be further reviewed by the product team.