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Oralce 12c R2 and /or Oracle 18c support for ServiceManager 9.52

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over 2 years ago
For SM 9.52 currently Oralce 12c R2 and /or ORacle 18c is not supported. Customer is upgrading ORACLE RDBMS to Oralce 12c R2 and /or ORacle 18c and needs this supported with SM9.52 . Benefits / Value: The new oracle version is available 12c R2 and include a lot of fixes for oracle Design details: A full support for this version of oracle 12c R2 and 18c with Service Manager 9.52 There is currently no workaround.


  • This approach is not accepted by my customer side. The product Service Manager (SM) is licensed and the costs are in the enterprise area. A reason that has something to do with team capacity is definitely not appropriate.
    Other comparable software vendors get this much better organized.

  • We fully understand your concern here. And the major consideration is about team’s capacity. Adding a DB version will cost much more effort because we need go through full testing covering both function and performance.

    In such case, now we are adopting following approach across all the SM versions:


     We will not recertify a released product against a new version of a vendor product, unless the current version of our product will be supported well past the end of obtainable or extended support of the associated vendor product, and there is not a viable extension to the support of that product.

  • I understand what you want to tell me in terms of content, but I can only reject this as an explanation from Mirco Focus for this.
    *Oracle Database 12c Release 2 was released in March 2017.
    *Service Manger 9.52 was released in June 2017.
    Here you should take a closer look which third party products actually appeared later.

    *Oracle Database 18c was released in July 2018.
    *Service Manager 9.52 Patch 5 was released in March 2019.
    With each Service Manager patch new third party support may be added. For example:
    QCCR1E145130 - Added support for iOS 11.x and 10.x

    Oracle DBMS is not any third party product, but one of the most important for Service Manager customers besides Microsoft. What is the real problem here?

  • Please understood Micro Focus product team will not subsequently recertify all released products against newer third party products, but will have an expectation that if a customer wishes to utilize a newer third party product, then they need upgrade to a supported version which has undergone the necessary certification.

    Meanwhile Micro Focus will continue to support and enhance the SM 9.5x branch and will continue to do so through to the published committed end dates.

    To get Oracle 12c R2 and Oracle 18c supported, if you are in SM 952, you need upgrade your binary and application upgrade is not required.

  • What is the reason for this planning?
    We have a up-to-date Service Manager System, which has an End of Committed Support on 20.11.2020 and do not get support for a current Oracle System for more than two years.
    This is a really bad customer support from Micro Focus and is not proportional to the costs for licenses and maintenance for a Service Manager System