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Please make PDF report to be as readable as HTML report

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over 1 year ago

My customer found that their landscape PDF report which has 19 columns do not present well and hard to read.
The same report looks fine the in HTML report and in the preview.
I did not consider this as a defect as PDF format and HTML format are different and are processed differently.
However, customer cannot email html report and my customer need their Service Manager to be able to email pdf report that are more readable.
I reproduced the issue with just 15 columns after removing 4 custom fields.
Attached are the out-of-the-box reports with 15 columns in pdf and html formats.
Notice how squashed the pdf report is and how nicely formatted the html report is. Imagine 4 more columns added to it.

Some suggestions that was mentioned in discussions.
Can the PDF report be enhanced to format better and be more readable ?
Or consider printing the columns that do not fit to a new PDF page like Excel.
Or inform user during report creation if a max number of columns are exceeded, the pdf report will be hard to read.
Or allow emailing of HTML report.