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Possibility for Service Manager to send emails with different "from" email addresses.

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over 1 year ago

We would like to have the possibility to send email from multiple email addresses. As currently Service Manager cannot send emails with different "from" email addresses.

The business case is as follows:

Have outbound email integration in Service Manager with the "from" address showing a particular email ID for the usual email notifications.

Enable Survey in Service Manager, however we would like to send out the survey from a different email address, and if we want to use a different email ID that the one provided in the "from" field it is not possible in current versions of Service Manager.

The "event" process has a schedule record and this schedule record contains a query. If the emailout would be a RAD background process, too, we would be able to limit, what it picks up, and start another to big the rest - and set sendFrom parameter for that differently in sm.cfg.
But emailout is not like that - so we cannot do that.

 Further on, it could be useful to to be able to use multi-template of mailFrom value, as is not supported for the current design.